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Due to the advanced preparation required, refunds will not be issued.

Prices include all applicable taxes.

Quantity Price Name

Complimentary Toddler Ticket

Access to Santa photo booth and activity station for children 2 and younger.

Kid's Fried Chicken Bites - Child Ticket

Served with a side of ranch, fries, fresh fruit salad, and a holiday cookie.

Kid's Turkey Sandwich - Child Ticket

Served with chips, fresh fruit salad, and a holiday cookie.

Chicken Salad Cheese Puffs - Adult Ticket

Served with antipasta skewers, creamy hummus with pita bread, candied pecans, cheddar cheese straws and a cookie.

Grilled Waffle Sandwich - Adult Ticket

With arugula, turkey, brie and & fig preserves. Served with skewered sliced fruit, chips and apple brownies.

Vegetable Frittata - Adult Ticket

Served with a roasted pumpkin, feta cheese & chickpea salad, sourdough roll and lemon bars.

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